Investing in agriculture is worthwhile

In Colombia we have 44.8 million hectares available for agricultural production. Currently we use approximately 19% of the land, so we envision tremendous opportunities to increase employment and transform the agro-industry along with new technology that will help us position our country as a global player. In addition, we must take advantage of the fact that we are one of the seven tropical countries with the greatest potential to supply the world with food as well as  having a climate that allows for year-round production.


The Ministry of Agriculture expects that the avocado will be among the best investment opportunities available to us. In Colombia we are looking to expand the production to more than 400,000 tons through 20,000 hectares of different types of avocados.


In order to invest it is necessary to take into account the capital, yield times and the possibilities that the fruit has to be sold in the international market, besides finding an excellent ally to manage the export aspects. The main destination is the Netherlands, from where 50% of the sales are obtained, there is also opportunities in the United States, Japan, Spain, Germany, among others.


Source: La Republica and

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