Improve your hass avocado crops with green technologies

Green technologies are innovative tools to control insects and pests.

The Colombian countryside continues to be an engine of growth for the national economy, the global trend also aims to increase the consumption of healthy foods, including avocados. According to the WAO (World Avocado Organization), the demand for this fruit in Europe and the United States has reached record levels; in Europe consumption will increase by 12% and in the United States by 7%.

Colombia has been positioning itself as a strong supplier of avocado in international markets, between January and November last year, totaling US$124 million, according to the Dane.

Given this scenario, growers who want to thrive must be prepared to meet this demand and comply with the requirements and certifications that are demanded worldwide.

If you are a producer, consider the following recommendations:

Take advantage of technology: use technologies with reduced environmental impact or so-called green technologies that are sought after in the European and American markets because they mitigate the risks of quarantine pests and maximum permitted residues of agrochemicals.
We use innovative tools: that includes finding the balance between crop protection and beneficial fauna, to maintain adequate pollination, sustaining an agro ecologically stable environment.
At Montana Fruits we provide you with comprehensive advice, to understand agronomic requirements for exporting. Taking your crops to the highest level!

Source: Agribusiness

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