Passion fruit exports in Colombia are estimated at US$75 million per year.

Twelve departments cultivate this fruit with about 2,144 hectares planted.

Colombia ranks among the 10 countries with the highest production and export of passion fruit in the world. We have a 2.9% share of the global market and sales of more than US$74.9 million. 87.6% of exports go to the Netherlands and Belgium and 12.4% go to other European Union countries.

In 2014 we exported to 11 markets, this figure remained until 2018 ( for amounts equal to or above US$10,000). In 2019 the outlook improved and we exported for the first time to Qatar, we resumed business to markets in Panama and Ireland. That year exports grew from US$710,177 which represented an increase of 2.2 according to Procolombia.

Antioquia leads production with a 72% share, followed by Cundinamarca, with 9%; Tolima, 8%; Boyacá, 3%; and Cauca, with 2%.

If you are interested in producing passion fruit, we will answer some of the main questions.

How much is the minimum investment to plant a passion fruit crop?

Each plant costs $40,000 COP. It includes the establishment of the crop, installation of plastic, trellising, labor, fertilization from planting until the first production, which is between 9 to 12 months.

How long does it take to recover the investment of the first crop?

During the first two harvests, 70% in the first one and the rest in the second one. This depends on the maintenance of the crop of course.

What should be taken into account before starting to grow?

Secure your crops with an exporting company that gives you support and training. After you have the land, hopefully a site that has not been cultivated before, you will need a good infrastructure and good care.

Is the care for passion fruit production more demanding?

Yes, you must have certifications, at Montana Fruits we provide you with complete consultancy. International markets are very demanding.

Source: Agribusiness

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