The benefits of doing your fruit maquila at Montana Fruits

If you are looking for an expert to pack your fruit, we offer the service of maquila with the highest quality standards demanded by the international markets, we guarantee proper selection, classification, packaging and cold chain to ensure optimal conditions for the fruit.

Why should you trust us with your packing services?

You will not have to invest in machinery. With Montana Fruits you will have access to the latest and most modern equipment.

You can also rely on our experience in this sector.

You will be exporting the best quality fruit to assure satisfied customers.

You will benefit from the quality assurance and ICA certifications as a packing house and exporter.

You will reduce your fixed monthly costs.

Contact us for personalized attention.

Generating more employment and food for people is our priority. This is what is most needed in these hard times…

The food production industry was one of the most favored sectors during this crisis. We have not stopped working, thanks to all the biosecurity protocols suggested by the WHO and the Colombian government! We knew that we had to step up and work even harder to ensure the jobs of the many people affected by the pandemic.

From the beginning of the season, Montana went from having 30 employees to 82, with 24-hour operation from Monday to Saturday. In this way, we employ more people and fulfill the needs of our commercial associates by shipping hass avocados to two continents and four countries: Argentina, United States, Spain and Holland from our local Guarne- Antioquia plant.

For this purpose, we also had to be prepared with certifications: ICA as exporters, Aphis to export fruit to the USA and Argentina, Global GAP chain of custody certification and now we are working to obtain the BRC certification which gives great peace of mind to direct clients such as supermarkets.

Innovation is always at the forefront of our company’s efforts to bring our products to the best markets in the world. Currently we export hass avocado, Passion fruit (gulupa), thai lime and this year we have started with avocado pulp (a new line of business that emerged during this pandemic).

Finding new ways to work is necessary because you have to evolve and live under constantly changing circumstances.   That is why, on the first day of the quarantine, we had a company meeting on Microsoft teams to analyze the situation and set priorities: the welfare of our employees, ensure safe working conditions, and then look at how to reinvent ourselves to generate new jobs for those most affected.

In this way we supplied people with one of the most beneficial fruit for their health, the AVOCADO! “We made the avocado a priority and from there also came our new line of business in frozen foods” says Mauricio Moranth C.E.O of Montana.

We are aware of the current situation, yet we have not stopped dreaming about Montana becoming a global Colombian company! In the mid-term we hope to have our office in Europe so we can be closer to our commercial allies and guarantee the excellence in our service. This will result in happy customers, satisfied producers and more jobs for our country.

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